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The Woman Protecting the Man of Steel

Posted by gansie on May 5, 2010

We love our network of working women. YWM encourages you to find heroines on television (yes, they do exist). Today’s guest blogger is Maggie Bridger.

The Legendary Chloe Project was born out of a desire to show appreciation for a young woman who, on the show Smallville, has served as Clark’s best friend, confidante, and moral compass.

Over the years, we’ve watched Chloe grow into her own heroine, saving Clark almost more frequently than The Man of Steel has saved her. Chloe has become an inspiration not just through her heroism but through her dedication to the truth and to developing her journalism career. She appears to be one of the few young women on television today who is career focused, intelligent and forthright.

It has propelled her into the position of role model for us.

Chloe is a career focused young women. From the pilot, we’ve seen her dedication to truth in journalism and using it to benefit the public. Many of us cheered when she was first hired at The Daily Planet in the beginning of the fifth season and throughout the next few years as we watched her publish front page articles for a major metropolitan newspaper as a college student.

As far as heroism, Chloe has been helping Clark in his battles against aliens and villains for over five years, since she learned his secret. In the episode, Solitude (5.08), she saved Clark’s life, allowing him to stop his mortal enemies, Zod and Brainiac, from taking over the world. We saw her stand again against Brainiac in later seasons. The amazing thing about her is that, for the most part, Chloe Sullivan is a young woman who by sheer intelligence and tenacity holds her own in a world of aliens and superheroes. She’s become Clark’s rock and a major player with the Justice League, all without flashy martial arts skills or special abilities.

It is awe-inspiring to see a young woman who can run with Green Arrow and the future Superman all through her own will and determination.

Finally, she’s selfless. She’s gone so far as to sacrifice not only her life for Clark, but also her mind. In one episode, Abyss (8.09), her memories were being systematically stripped from her by an infection. Rather than expose Clark to danger, she opted to let that infection continue and to lose herself in order to keep him safe. That kind of dedication to her friends is not only endearing but something to aspire to.

Apart from playing Chloe Sullivan, the actress Allison Mack also shines as a sterling example of what a young woman in Hollywood can achieve. Not only is she a gifted actress and one who has been praised for years for her talent, but she is also the type of woman who is exemplary, an anti-celebutante who sets a solid example for her fans.

She has become a producer for two films—-Alice and Huck and Blink—the latter via her production company, Parvati, Inc. By striking out boldly, this triple threat actress/director/producer inspired us to take a chance and create our own production, a commercial tribute to her and her character, Chloe Sullivan.

“Legendary,” executive produced by up and coming actress, Liz De Razzo, is a unique fandom movement of young women and men, deciding to honor a character and an actress who remain positive role models of growth, creativity and strength.  The sixty second commercial is currently in editing. When it is completed, we hope to air on the CW affiliate KTLA in May. It’s already been written up by such sources as the CW Boston Affiliate’s twitter and by Richard Sands of TV Guide Magazine Online.

Legendary Chloe is the first project from Legendary Women, Inc. We are a co-ed group dedicated to the positive representation of women in the media. Follow/contact at @legendaraychloe or admin@legendarychloe.com.


11 Responses to “The Woman Protecting the Man of Steel”

  1. unspokenbond said

    Thanks you so much for such a cool and well-written article of our favorite heroine. You rock!

  2. Jane said

    I really loved this piece. It’s so cool to think of a woman who can be close to equal with Superman. Can’t wait to see the commercial.

  3. Amanda said

    Wonderful. Allison Mack is a great example to every woman on this planet.

  4. Ana said

    Awesome, Allison is such a fantastic actress and Chloe Sullivan is such a strong role model

  5. ChibiHoshi said

    Glad to see that young girls can watch a show and see a teenager that grows into an adult that makes something of herself. The DP arc was the greatest thing for any mother to show her child; and I’ll proudly show my daughter it.

  6. Vera said

    TY for this article. I adore Chloe and watching her grow into the heroine she is today was a great journey. I love that she can walk into a room and by her intelligence and knowledge hold the attention of the superheros, or indeed anyone, in it. That sort of strength of character (as described above, in Abyss for eg) and intelligence is what makes her such an fantastic heroine.

  7. Meg said

    Love the title of the writeup, that’s really fitting. 🙂 This sums up perfectly my feelings towards the character as an inspiration and role model for career women.

  8. Mariana said

    This is so cool, Allison is a great actress and I’m happy the fans are doing this tribute. 🙂

  9. S said

    Cool stuff 🙂

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