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Red Light: Human Trafficking During the World Cup

Posted by businesswom on May 6, 2010

As the World Cup approaches, South African human rights organizations are concerned about an increase in human trafficking and prostitution during the renowned football event (soccer is referred to as football here).  The event receives international attention, but this particular taboo subject does not.  Human trafficking and prostitution can have fatal health consequences and are a violation of basic human rights of the women, and sometimes the men, involved.

While living in Cape Town for the next three months, I consider how the country will handle this ongoing issue that will be magnified in the coming months.  This also raises a question of how this issue may be present in the U.S.  Hotel lobbies have been said to be frequented by prostitutes during large events and conferences in the States as well.  Prevention of human trafficking and prostitution through advocacy and enforcement is vital to preserve the human dignity of women in the U.S. and abroad.

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One Response to “Red Light: Human Trafficking During the World Cup”

  1. Sarah M said

    These are very scary times indeed. There is a toll free hotline to report human trafficking: 0800 555 999. Please use it if you know anything! There is very chilling campaign on the streets of Johannesburg, where they demonstrated how easy it is for children, women and even men to just disappear! I hope they’re doing it country-wide! Please take a look at on this flickr page and spread the word out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/humantrafficking/sets/72157623775355164/

    thank you, and be aware!


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