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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on May 14, 2010

Culture of silence among men and their friends.  Who protects the women? [Washington Post]

Military sexual trauma,  little known military issue [NPR]

How to do it all: Gets lots of help [Wall Street Journal Blog]

A global standard for gender equality [Huffington Post]

CEO pay breaking glass ceiling [Business Week]

Potty parity hearings.  Passage of Paycheck Fairness Act would be even better.  [Washington Post]

Beyond the bedroom:  What the birth control pill really did for women [Forbes]

Dems and Repubs launch dueling Kagan websites for confirmation fight [Legal Times]

Seven secrets of highly successful businesswomen [Forbes]

Mentoring Millennials [HBR.Org]

Gen Y more trusting of government [NPR]

Green heroes of color [Insightnews]  

Michigan women try and break U.S. House barrier [Detroit News]

From mommy track to money track [Courant]

Working moms: It’s the system that is crazy not you. [U.S. News]

Discrimination if you have a family [Stamford Advocate]

Gen X has a mid life crisis [New York Times]

Atlanta opens first women’s soccer stadium [Womens e-News]

Obama pushes paid leave programs [NPR]


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