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Women’s Empowerment

Posted by ywmguest on May 20, 2010

We love our network of…girls, that’s right girls. YWM encourages young girls to misbehave and we must encourage them to do so. Today’s guest blogger is eighth-grader, Nadiyah Peacock.

Women’s empowerment to me is to uplift and encourage the strength and intelligence of women. In order for one woman to empower the next, I believe that  several programs such as Peer Mediation for Girls, Women’s Training and Women’s History should be implemented in both our schools and surrounding communities. 
A Peer Mediation for Girls Program should be implemented which would allow young ladies to discuss various issues that are affecting them, to get and give advice to their friends and peers. They may feel comfortable and willing to talk to people their age about their problems, teachers, counselors, parents and other adults.

We should have a Women’s History Program to show the achievements that women have made in history. This program would allow women to not only build confidence in themselves, but they would also be educated on the history of women. I believe that this is important because most people fail to acknowledge the history of women especially those of the African American culture.

A Women’s Training Program would teach and enforce class and etiquette among our young ladies and teach them how to carry themselves.  I  believe that Women’s Training would be beneficial because it would teach us how to grow into ourselves and become more comfortable with who we are.

Nadiyah will be competing with a version of this speech in a contest sponsored by African American Women’s Resource Center.


One Response to “Women’s Empowerment”

  1. Jennifer said

    Great to hear from the next generation of working women! Love it.

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