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National Discussion to Find Solutions for the Federal Budget

Posted by espressodog on May 26, 2010

The rising national debt is the focus of mounting concern in Washington, D.C. and nationwide. AmericaSpeaks : Our Budget, Our Economy is holding a National Town Meeting across the country and online to address this topic.

On June 26, Americans will come together in cities and communities across the country to join an  non-partisan discussion about our federal budget. 

The nation is going to be making some tough choices in the years ahead in order to ensure that growing debt payments don’t crowd out our national priorities, such as enforcing our civil rights laws, providing paid parental leave, paid sick days, child care and other tools for work-life balance, supporting our women veterans as they transition from active duty to the civilian workforce and job training for women in the growing green economy.

Wouldn’t it be great if pay equity, work-life balance, women veterans, women in the green economy and other BPW Foundation priorities were part of that conversation. Well they can be if you participate! You can even sign up to host your own Community Conversation.

Thousands of people will weigh the options available and voice their priorities in facilitated discussions that are linked from location to location by satellite and webcast. Large Town Meetings are already planned in 19 cities, and anyone can host a Community Conversation locally. See the locations here.

What’s the impact of the National Town Meeting? The White House and Congress will subsequently receive a final report that synthesizes the input from the nation, from this discussion. Our nation’s lawmakers are committed to learning from outcomes of the meeting.

President Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform recently met to begin to identify policies to help balance the Federal budget and reign in our national deficit that is projected to grow at an unsustainable rate. As the Washington Post  reported, some members of this commission will participate in the AmericaSpeaks: Our Budget, Our Economy National Town Meeting this June.

As concern grows for the U.S. budget deficit and rising national debt, we need your help. Citizen involvement is vital to finding common ground and ensures that policy-makers make decisions that reflect the public’s real priorities. Would you like to help spread word about this unique opportunity to participate in finding common ground about the federal budget? 

Get involved at www.usabudgetdiscussion.org.


One Response to “National Discussion to Find Solutions for the Federal Budget”

  1. Hi,

    Regarding the Budget. All I can say is, when I was in High School, I was very against the Federal Debt of 200 Billion Dollars, and seeing as I was soon to be a Billionare, according to most of my classmates, Music Industry being what it is. Money!!! easy come, easy go, sometimes it goes so easily you don’t even get a chance to see it or count it. My work carried some weight. As it happened, The Clintons were visiting the High School Campus, Bill was there to get more experience speaking in front of camera, and his team mate came with him, Hillary. We had some discussion, and one of them was about the debt. Hillary was okay with it, however, I win. Hillary did, in fact say, the moment the Debt reaches One Trillion Dollars, she is ready to say, this country is bankrupt, and something has to be done about it.



    PS: We also had a conversation about, what’s the likely hood of a woman being elected President, let’s say, one who was First Lady to Bill Clinton. My answer, given the attitude of so many in this country, it’s more likely a Black Man would get elected first. A Christian for sure, but the likely hood of a woman being elected first is not there. By the way, the current President was in the other High School, the one I left to be with my Father my last year. He was one year behind me. The 3 Dogs didn’t stay together, one left.

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