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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on May 28, 2010

Women’s role in the green economy. [CAP]

Is the practice of law still a man’s world? [Law.com]

Millennials to play key role in politics [Human Events]

Women more concerned about saving for retirement than men [Insurance News]

Women need money smarts [Tulsa World]

Sexual harassment still a problem in the world of finance [FINS

Lack of child care hampers employment for working poor [New York Times]

Most companies consider work life benefits essential part of rewards packages [HR Tools]

The ten most creative women in business. Can you name others? [The Fast Company]

Putting dollar and cents value on mother’s work  [Huffington Post]

21% of young adults would turn down job that didn’t allow social media access  on the job [Media Posts]

 Gen Y: Educated, underemployed and in debt [Reuters]

Workplace can cause weight gain. This is bad news. [First Coast News]

What the U.S. can learn from Europe about gender equity in the workplace [Havard Business Review]

Cutting Social Security hurts mother’s most [Your Washington Woman]

A look at what Gen Y wants in a physical workplace [Greenchipstocks]

Family friendly workplaces and the sandwich generation.  [Business North]

Work life fit vs. balance [Huffington Post]

For Women it is lonely at the top [Washington Post]


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