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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on June 4, 2010

Youngest and oldest consumers are advocacy-oriented, Gen X and Gen Y moms more likely to adopt green habits [Redorbit.com]

 Why didn’t the media didn’t cover startling study on wealth gap for minority women [Fairorg]

Here is a woman making it in non traditional field [dcvelocity.com]

Telecommuting and flex time decrease work life conflict. [Time]

Gen Y mothers changing the rules [Mediapost.com]

Six ways to keep family from derailing your job [US News]

Looking at green job growth in 4 cities [WGN TV]

Gen Y: employees from hell or secret weapon  [Bnet.com]

Women’s colleges winning robotics team counters science basis [Womens News]

Top paying jobs for college grads [Forbes]

Revenge of the Broads [Forbes]

Corporations wisely turning to veterans [NPR]

The Y worry generation [New York Times]

Gen Y or Gen Whine [Village Voice]

Say good by to full time job with benefits. This is not good  news. [CNN Money]

Ten ways to make any job healthier [US News]

Helping children by providing more flexibility at work [New America]

Gender gap in schools for gifted. Girls prevail. [New York Times]

Foundations working together to help women veterans [Philanthropy]

Federal doors opening to women small business owners [Jackson Sun]

College grads unprepared for workplace [NPR]

5 myths about working mothers [Washington Post]

Women making their place in the Silicon Valley start up world.  This is good news. [Palo Alto Online]


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