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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on June 11, 2010

Six surprisingly dangerous jobs. Counters some of those arguments that men hold all of those dangerous positions.[Forbes]

The end of men? Probably not but interesting article. [The Atlantic]

When gender role reversal hits home [Daily Press]

Equal Pay Act 47 years later [Femminist Rights]

Women and body language in the workplace [Forbes]

Why do women leave science and engineering? [Forbes]

Three myths about Gen Y [Philanthropy]

Generation Next getting labeled even before they come of age [newser.com]

Looks in the workplace.  What goes what doesn’t? [Manpowerblogs]

Gender fluidity: Are men still from Mars? [Huffington Post]

In defense of multitasking [HBR]

Glass ceiling for the female entrepreneur? [Metro Us]

Ladies nights deal may be against Minn state law [MNDaily]

Stress of caregiving hurts baby boomers’ health and job [The Epoch Times]

The Toot Your Own Horn Gender Basis [HBR]

Multitasking and hooked on gadgets [New York Times]

Military taps social networking skills [New York Times]

Daring to discuss women in science.  Author argues that there may be real reasons men excel. [New York Times]

Federal stimulus helps community and non profit groups [St Louis Today]

Girls math classes include lessons in anxiety [Womens eNews]

VA health systems gets good marks and is example of how well a government run program can work. [Jacksonville.com]

Flying above the Glass Ceiling: women pilots.  One note as women enter this field salaries are dropping. [Forbes]

How employers can make themselves relevant to Gen Y [Recruitingblogs]

News report on 20th Global Summit for Women and working with men [New York Times]


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