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Top Paying Jobs for Women

Posted by sherrysaunders on June 16, 2010

Acording to the Department of Labor, the 20 occupations with the highest median weekly earnings among women who were full-time wage and salary workers in 2009 were–

  1. Pharmacists, $1,475
  2. Lawyers, $1,449
  3. Computer and information systems managers, $1,411
  4. Computer software Chief executives, $1,553
  5. Engineers, $1,311
  6. Physicians and surgeons, $1,228
  7. Computer programmers, $1,182
  8. Management analysts, $1,177
  9. Computer scientists and systems analysts, $1,167
  10. Occupational therapists, $1,155
  11. Speech-language pathologists, $1,148
  12. General and operations managers, $1,110
  13. Education administrators, $1,093
  14. Psychologists, $1,091
  15. Personal financial advisors, $1,088
  16. Human resources managers, $1,072
  17. Marketing sales managers, $1,052
  18. Managers, all other, $1,037
  19. Registered nurses, $1,035
  20. Network systems and data communications analysts, $1,032

Check out the top 20 jobs held by women in this earlier post.  You will notice that the top jobs held by women are not those that pay the highest.


One Response to “Top Paying Jobs for Women”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by AAUW, Debbie Frett . Debbie Frett said: Here R the top paying Jobs 4 women. Funny how they R not the jobs most held by women. http://bit.ly/ba72Rs #payequity […]

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