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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on July 9, 2010

Gender Fatigue? Are we done yet? [The Womens Foundation]

Is the recession changing benefits, not in a good way for women? [TheMamaBee.com]   

Law firms compensation systems are driving women out the door [Law]

VA easing rules covering veterans’ stress disorder [New York Times]

As women’s career paths change, make on ramping easy [Harvard Business Review]

Juanita Kreps, first female Secretary of Commerce, dies [New York Times]

Who cares about a career, not Gen Y [Fortune & CNN]

Why women don’t support each other [SF Women’s Journal]

Returning vets must fight for old jobs [Washington Times]

Will women rule the world? Men were the main victims of the recession.  The recovery will be for women [Newsweek]

How to make the Workforce Investment Act work for women [American Progress]

 New Generation of women with new focus – work not children [Miami Herald]

Is part time work option a flex benefit or slippery slope. [wfnetwork]

American dream elusive for new generation [New York Times]

Gen Y Blogger: Don’t blame Gen Y for today’s decline in values [fdlreporter]

Girl Territory on the Supreme Court [Sacramento Bee]

Study says family friendly firms have more productive workers [Boston.com]


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