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The Fun of Zodiac Signs

Posted by egehl on July 12, 2010

Last week I posted my fifth blog about the oil spill, so thought I would shift gears and write about a much lighter topic this time around.  Over the weekend I was talking with a friend about zodiac signs and how accurate they can be about our personalities.  I am a Libra (born in early October) and have to say my sign describes me to a tee, including both the good and bad traits.

At the heart of being a Libra, we like and crave balance which is why we are “the scales”.  Libras strive for balance in our personal and professional lives and also the world, which would explain why so many Libras work in social justice and nonprofit work.  I think inherently we are always conscious of imbalance whether it’s within ourselves or the world around us, and our daily work, goals and struggles aim to somehow rectify anything that feels off kilter. 

Libras tend to be diplomatic and even-tempered but also impatient about criticism and want to be liked by everyone, which is why we hate confrontation.  We love the finer things in life but can be very self-indulgent and spend way too much money.  We are impatient of routine and tend to be escapists so we need a change of scenery and time away from our daily grind (which would explain my insatiable travel habits).  Finally, we love to be sociable and can look at matters impartially to the benefit of ourselves and others.

I think all of us are at least a little bit intrigued by astrology because often times it’s uncannily true.  Zodiac signs, psychic readings and horoscopes are an interesting way to understand how our personalities impact our relationships and interactions in the workplace, with friends and family, who we date and life in general.  Granted astrology can’t do the deeper self-reflection and self-learning we all need to engage in, but it’s a way to learn more about ourselves.  

I have to admit that when I learn the zodiac sign of someone I have a little bit of an “aha” moment that helps me understand that person better.  Especially since I have friends that share the same sign, and it’s fun to realize that people of a particular sign have very similar traits. 

I think we also gravitate toward people of our own sign.  I meet a lot of Libras in my nonprofit work because it exercises our empathetic and diplomatic natures, and I am typically drawn to other Libras when meeting new people and making friends. 

Now that I’ve told you about my sign, what is your sign and does it describe you accurately?  

Do you like to learn the zodiac sign of others to get to know them better? 

Are you drawn to others with the same sign?


4 Responses to “The Fun of Zodiac Signs”

  1. I am an Aquarius and I find myself very drawn to other Aquarians; I’ve had deep, lasting relationships with someone who shares my birthday (same year) and someone who’s birthday is 3 days after mine and am currently interested in someone who also shares my birthday (one year difference).

    The person who shares my birthday now and I are two peas in a pod and have almost all the same exact traits. The previous one also did, but there was clearly something pulling at her in a different direction than where I found myself headed. I have magnets on my fridge – one that shows the positive aspects of Aquarians, the other shows the negative. I can see them all in me.

  2. gansie said

    I was playing around in my iphone’s app store the other day and grabbed this silly little app called “what does my birthday mean?”

    i of course plugged mine in right away: enthusiastic, strong, determined, self-centered.

    and then i got really mad about the last one and for days now i’ve been questioning myself: am i really self-centered?

    i showed it to my best friend, who is super into these sorts of other-worldly things and she started laughing. it is totally me.


  3. businesswom said

    You are so right! I’m a Libra too, and I fit most of the traits you mentioned. Enjoy your holidays!

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