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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on July 16, 2010

Are we dealing with Gen Y in the best way? [TalkingAboutGenerations]

Is LeBron true to his generation? [Bradenton.com]

Boxing for women in the Olympics? [Wall Street Journal Online]

TVs best loved career women [Forbes.com]

Congress largely exempts self from Vet employment provisions [Politico]

Requiting military elite to lead in business [Amercian Chronicle]

Retires will be outliving their retirement [Washington Post]

Higher Education and the pay gap [AACU]

Women stand to benefit from new PTSD change [Statesman]

Vote on Kagan delayed a week [Legal Times]  

Why can’t career women just be women – don’t distinguish men [Salon]

Poll: Workplaces support individual’s with disabilities [wfnetwork]

Workplace flexibility addresses workers caregiving needs. [HR.BLR.Com]

Some vet groups find trauma rule lacking [New York Times]

 Growing green jobs from an economists viewpoint [NY Times Blogs]

 Women owned small business will create 5+ million jobs by 2018 [SmalBizDom]

 Even female law partners suffer wage disparity.  [Newsweek]

 Kagan the post gender justice?  [NPR]

Women in non traditional role do heavy lifting in rebuilding Haiti [Cleveland.com]

Tenure track is tough for working mothers [Washington Post]

How much do women spend on shoes?  For all of you shoe lovers  [Mainstreet]


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