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Department of Labor Report Confirms Wage Gap Continues

Posted by sherrysaunders on July 20, 2010

Last week, the Department of Labor released Highlights of Women’s Earnings in 2009, a report which confirmed that the wage gap between men and women still exists. The report  indicates that women on average earned about 80 percent of that earned by their male counterparts.

Interesting statistics in the report include those showing that American women under 35 earn 90 percent of pay received by their male counterparts.  Women over 35 only earn 75 percent of that earned by their male counterparts.  As we have know for sometime the wage gap increases as we age.  And while the 90 percent gap for younger women is an improvement it will not be acceptable until it is equal.  We can’t fall into the trap of saying that it is good enough.  

The report also points out higher pay discrepancies the higher the income level.  This confirms the outrage expressed recently by women law firm partners who make less than their male counterparts. This was recently documented in a report prepared the by the Project for Attorney Retention  and the Minority Corporate Counsel Association.   That report, The Impact of Law Firm Compensation  Systems on Women,  found that at elite law firms, women partners made on average $66,000 less than their male counter parts. 

All of this goes to show that Congress still needs to pass the The Paycheck Fairness Act (HR 12/S 182)  that will strengthen the Equal Pay Act in ways that will guarantee that women are not shortchanged solely because of their gender.


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