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If Only What’s Right Won Votes

Posted by gansie on July 23, 2010

Yesterday I attended Center for American Progress’ event, Why the World Needs US Climate Action.

While there I ate a complimentary sandwich that contained avocado (which meant the sandwich had a mighty carbon footprint, trekking from the warm weather climates of California or Mexico to land in between sunflower encrusted multi-grain bread in DC).

I also drank water out of a cup made from corn (the constant growing of corn–and nothing else–on our farms is killing land diversity and making America fat).

While there I tried to ignore those two sins and followed the conversation of international climate change experts and how world leaders, especially the US, needs to get its act together and start enacting policies to combat climate change.

This event took place while Senate Democrats internally debated, counted votes and ultimately bailed out, of putting forth a comprehensive energy bill before the August recess. And before the mid-term elections.

They are now planning on using the lame duck Congress of post November to get anything done. Although maybe without the pressure of elections some Members will have the guts to do what’s needed for the world’s citizens and not just what’s needed for vote getting.

Before this news was released, the room was hopeful. The room was energized. We need people to rally around climate change by any means necessary. Whether people want to tackle climate change because it’s an opportunity to create new jobs (for women or other disadvantaged populations) or simply because it’s the right thing to do, there needs to be action, well, yesterday.

Because as so many have said (and I’m looking at you, candidate Obama), it is our moral obligation to give the future a livable planet.

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One Response to “If Only What’s Right Won Votes”

  1. Michael said

    If farms are only growing corn where are they raising soybeans, cotton, wheat, barley, alfalfa, lettuce, tomatoes, apples, potatoes, grapes, pineapples, and so many other food crops. What about the acres of range land where cattle graze, or only trees grow.
    I don’t think you can lay the fact that corn is in some of our food products as the cause of the obesity problem. I would suggest that it is more of an inactivity caused problem. Our bodies are not supposed to sit behind a desk or in front of the TV. Our bodies are supposed to be out searching for food. Good hard work will remove those pounds.

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