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Money Pit Adventures Continue…

Posted by joyinhome on July 29, 2010

The backyard was up next on the list but not until the “tree from hell” was removed.

The Black Walnut tree is gone (cue heavenly music)! I had it removed from the back yard. No more black stains on the sidewalk; no more golf ball-sized dings in my hood; no more slipping on walnuts in the dark and almost breaking my neck; and no more squirrels spitting out the walnut juice (as if chewing tobacco) on my car.

So my grass is still not doing well, despite me watering…it is just so DAMN hot. I am re-thinking if I should have been in such a rush and went with sod. Manuel says he will swap out the affected areas, but still…

Meanwhile the garbage disposer stopped working which renders my sink inoperable. We have been eating out for the last week and I’m over it. My uncle is coming tomorrow to help me replace it.

Good news! On Monday, the replacement will begin for my flat roof; it should take 1-2 days. Ladies, a roof should be replaced every ten years and mine wasn’t new when I bought this house 10.5 years ago. I have been lucky to not have any major problems- not gonna push it any longer. I am upgrading to an energy-efficient roof with ISO insulation made partially with recyclable material. Not only will it extend the life of the roof, but it will lower my future energy costs. And I may get a tax credit…

This home improvement project is a whirlwind event with a million details to remember, but…when it’s done- I will be soooo happy with the results.

P.S. I’ll let you know if I have another contractor to recommend.


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