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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on August 6, 2010

5 ways to improve gender diversity at your company [The Glass Hammer]

Gender-bais impacts women physicists [Physorg.com]

Why working mothers fall behind  [The Atlantic]

 Do working mothers still need to justify themselves? [Doublex.com]

Hard won workplace advice for my daughter – dealing with continued inequality [Forbes]

Justice Ginsburg Considers Kagan’s Likely Confirmation ‘Exhilarating’ [Huffington Post]

Women and the uneasy embrace of power [Harvard Business Review]

Economic odds stacked against mothers [msnbc]

Commonwealth Fund Study: 30 million women could benefit from health care reform.   [Commonwealthfund]

Different benefits keep men and women on the job [Money]

How employers can start loving maternity leave [Worklifefit]

First women takes command of carrier strike group [WTKR]

California court says affirmative action ban is not unconstitutional [Jewish World Review]

How to break the glass ceiling [More]

Screw work life balance, we need a work life policy [Huffington Post]

Women out vote men but men still in charge [ Free Republic]  

2010 Project hopes to recruit new generation of female candidates [Washington Post]

Health jobs reliance on women calls for more flexibility [Ithaca Education]

British Study: Working mother’s children don’t suffer [Guardian]

Housewives of DC gives women a black eye [Washington Post]


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