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Redefining Work Clothes

Posted by gansie on August 6, 2010

I went to Old Navy looking for bathing suits. “Just bathing suits”, I told myself, “this is not a shopping spree.” Of course an adorable romper, a flouncy skirt and a top also found its way into the fitting room.

I tried the romper on. It was extremely comfortable, but not suitable for public consumption. It was for around the house. “You have a million t-shirts and boxers and pajama pants”, I told myself, “this is not a shopping spree.”

I simply did not need another outfit to lay around in while in my apartment.

Or wait.

My apartment is now not only a place of leisure and sleep, it is my office. And I always need more “work clothes.”

Being a virtual worker now means I get to shop for cozy sweat pants and breathable t-shirts and it is my new work gear. Much cheaper, much more comfortable, work gear.

Oh the life of a virtual worker!

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One Response to “Redefining Work Clothes”

  1. […] and need ideas on what to do with all of the tomatoes laying claim to my kitchen. Because I am a virtual worker I also have time to cook during the day, or at least be watchful of items while they are […]

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