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Women’s Retirement Security Needs Must be Assured

Posted by sherrysaunders on August 9, 2010

BPW Foundation Supports Auto IRA Legislation

Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation, a long time proponent of ensuring retirement security for working women, announced its support of legislation introduced by Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) establishing Automatic IRAs. 

“Retirement security is a concern for everyone but women face greater insecurity because they live longer, earn less money, and spend less time in the workforce accumulating Social Security benefits,” said BPW Foundation CEO Deborah Frett.  “Together, these trends mean women are at an increased risk of living in poverty.   The auto-IRA is a simple, low cost way to provide employees a real retirement savings tool.”

 “BPW Foundation concentrates its efforts on finding best practices for successful workplaces,” Frett said.  “This legislation meets the test of a best practice – good for the employer and good for the employee.”

BPW Foundation initiated the Successful Workplace Movement to transform and redefine today’s workplace by focusing on issues that positively impact women, families and employers.  This initiative combines research, policy, resources and programming in order to create systemic change.  Such change is necessary to build supportive and successful workplaces; and to break down the final barriers to full participation of women in the workplace.  Creating systemic, sustainable change requires the collaboration of employees, employers and policy makers.


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