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A Woman Veteran’s Journey

Posted by gansie on August 11, 2010

A women veteran returns home to a host of issues:

Will she find work?

Will her kids remember her?

Will she receive her deserved benefits?

Will she find housing?

Will she suffer from trauma?

Utilizing a holistic approach to supporting women veterans, Business and Professional Women’s Foundation (BPW Foundation) hosted the Trauma Resiliency Model, Veterans and Warriors (TRM-V,W) Training in Philadelphia in late June. The event was also sponsored by The Philadelphia Veterans Multi-Service & Employment Center, Inc. (PVMSEC) and The Trauma Resource Institute (TRI).

Trauma Resiliency Model (TRM-V,W) training is designed to teach skills to clinicians and non-clinicians working with active duty military and veterans as well as their families. TRM skills are biologically-based and focus on the way the human body reacts to stress and fear and can stabilize the nervous system, reducing and/or preventing the symptoms of combat-zone traumatic stress. TRM is an integrative (mind-body approach), which focuses on the biological basis of trauma and the reflexive, defensive ways the body responds to threat and fear.

Discussions centered around the special nature of war trauma. Further, the training elaborated upon how women warriors are particularly impacted by military sexual trauma and other forms of inequitable treatment that can lead to more serious traumatic stress responses.

The training in Philadelphia spawned future interest in this inventive way to deal with the impact of trauma: a proposal has been submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs; highly ranked members of the military and veteran community said the training could be incorporated into all branches of the military; and TRM-V,W could be successfully used in pre-deployment, theater and post-deployment.

According to BPW Foundation’s research project, Women Veterans in Transition, women veterans’ journey into civilian life is a multi-dimensional process that impacts both their home life and employment. Women veterans receive less support upon return from service and generally have a more difficult transition.

Coupled with the issues of pay equity, work life balance and gender discrimination, it is apparent that women veterans’ unique needs deserve the nation’s support. BPW Foundation is proud to support women veterans and those who work to ease their transition home. If you are an employer interested in participating in a ground-breaking summit to support women veterans, email to womenvetsummit@bpwfoundation.org.

More from BPW Foundation’s e-publication, Workplace Transformer.

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