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From Unemployed to Production Assistant

Posted by gansie on August 19, 2010

Business and Professional Women Foundation’s “Moving from Red to Green: Working Women in the Green Economy” initiative connects women to the emerging green economy by providing green job training. With generous support from the Walmart FoundationBPW Foundation‘s four pilot programs have been awarded $60,000 grants to expand their capacity to train women for green jobs. CLIMB Wyoming is one of the grantees.

Here is how BPW Foundation is supporting women’s involvment in sustainability work.

Adanna is a wonderful representation of the CLIMB Wyoming program, including how the organization is working toward ‘green’ goals.

Thanks to CLIMB, Adanna now works at Pridigicom where she creates electronic proofs for customers (instead of paper-wasting hard copies), utilizes a digital eco-friendly press, recycles and uses green cleaning supplies. She even rides her bike to work. She often spends more than fifty percent of her workday involved in green activities.

Prior to entering the CLIMB program, Adanna was unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. In her new position as production assistant, Adanna makes $12 per hour during a 40-hour work week. Because of her current responsibilities, she is looking forward to the possibility of a future career path in web design for businesses.

Elly Garrett of CLIMB Wyoming’s Teton Area office had this to say about Adanna:
When Adanna first came to our program in January 2010, she identified that recycling was one of her passions.  During our program, she proved to be clever, attentive, and creative team player, one with great attention to detail. These traits have served her well in her job placement with Pridigicom, Inc.
CLIMB helped her overcome barriers and led to her current success in the workplace—- a positive leap toward achieving self-sufficiency and supporting her family.

CLIMB Wyoming is a nationally recognized training model that provides innovative and comprehensive services to economically disadvantaged single mothers and their families.

Working Women in the Green Economy bpwfoundation.org/greenforwomen

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