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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on September 3, 2010

Court rules NY Ladies Nights are not sexist [AOLNews.com]

Women in Green Forum: Women move corporations green.  [TriplePundit]

Engaging men in culture change: Would you want your daughter to work here? [The Glass Hammer]

IWPR paper: Gender segregation in the labor market and the gender wage gap [IWPR]

Making the tax code work for families and business  [Corporate Voices]

NY Times not covering notable women’s deaths as they cover men’s [HBR]

In cities, young single women’s pay surpasses male counterparts [Wall Street Journal]

Women’s groups target sexism in campaigns [Washington Post]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: the mother of all grizzlies [Slate]

Mary Blige working with NASA on encouraging science careers for women [Black Enterprise]

Brookings: Disparities for women and minorities in retirement savings [Brookings Institute]

Study finds declining revenues and small and midsized law firms and pay gap between men and women lawyers [ABA Journal]

Gender differences in job stresses [HR Online]

Right kind of mentoring necessary for women’s advancement [Pittsburgh Live]

Welfare job rules hurt women with disabilities [Womens e-News]  

Kids and Career: walking that line [Chicago Tribune]

Fighting caregiving discrimination: running into the maternal wall [Forbes]

The female factor: will three women really change the court?  [Newsweek]

Defending family values and pay equity.  Another discussion of the recent US Chamber blog on attacking working women [Huffington Post]

Sotomayor: Growing up stubborn [Denver Post]

Woman to become Alabama ANG’s first female fighter pilot [F-16]

Equity for women still top issues [Chronicle]

Celebrating Jane Addams a radical woman [Chicago Tribune]

How far have women come in the workplace?  [Mary Claire]

Beware of credit card offers aimed at small business and professionals. [Wall Street Journal]


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