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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on September 10, 2010

Why women are fleeing Wall Street [Bnet.com]

SBA says set aside program for women on the way [BisNow]

Small business woman struggles to get credit [Blogs NYTimes]

Attack helicopter woman pilot reflects on role of women in the military [NPR]

Social Security: The firewall between aging with dignity and aging in financial desperation [Kansas City Star]

Historic victory for NY’s domestic workers [Workers]

Making Social Security less generous is not the answer [Slate]

Top 10 characteristics of successful women business owners [Womens’ Leadership Exchange}

The United States of inequality [Slate]

Women navigate motherhood differently than in the past [freep.com]

Minority and women small businesses struggle to get NY City contracts [Blogs NY Times]

Women supporting philanthropy [Post Gazette]

Two reports: health care reform helps small businesses [OCRegister]

One of only four Black women to hold rank of Col. in Marines retires [Dayton Daily News]

Jobs are stealing family time [Washington Post]

Why so few women start tech companies [Colorado Bizmag]

Women have reason to cheer Labor Day. [Concord Monitor]

Women finding support in non trad jobs [Fort Wayne.com]

Boy girl differences call for more brain studies [Womens E-news]

Reflections on jobs, job safety and pay equity [SWTimes]


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