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Politics As Usual…

Posted by joyinhome on September 20, 2010

President Obama during a CNBC appearanceToday, I attended CNBC’s town hall meeting, Investing in America, with President Obama. The President was intelligent, witty and thoughtful as always. He answered questions directly and addressed the concerns raised. I left the meeting excited and positive, feeling that POTUS Maximus was fighting for the American people, like me. I am a staunch Obama supporter and share it openly.

The coverage of this event however is characterizing it as Obama supporters who have lost faith in him as a leader. Please watch the actual broadcast and judge for yourself. The media coverage is a collection of sound bites. And as one gentleman pointed out: “You’re losing the war of sound bites. You’re losing the media cycles.”

What they didn’t capture from this PA small biz owner from Pennsylvania, was his continued support for Obama and his policies, giving examples of the stimulus package and auto industry investment; he outlined how legislation has businesses continue and congratulated on the job he is doing by investing in the country. His advice for the President was to regain the people who are losing faith, not because of what he hasn’t done, but because they are afraid.

The President reiterated that we have to get past the politics and back to making things better. We are in the midst of mid-term elections and a lot of ‘Obama hate’ and selective memory. I question the motivation of the media coverage that I’ve seen. At least I told you my bias from the beginning…

If you watched the broadcast or attended, tell us what you thought.


2 Responses to “Politics As Usual…”

  1. Was there and felt comforted by his command of the issues and his continuing support for us working Americans. Thought the NY Times head line was off base. Folks were very supportive but concerned that the media was misrepresenting the sound bite war.

  2. Danielle said

    As an independent, I don’t have a strong loyalty to either party, so I went with an open mind but no expectations. As a young mother and veteran, I heard exactly what I needed to hear, that the President wants to invest in American infrastructure and manage the budget so that the future, our children, aren’t burdened by current actions. I thought he was very well-spoken and calm, and addressed the questions asked very fairly.

    I also think that the interviewer was a little off base and arrogant with his questions – they put a bad taste in my mouth. Not very well done by CNBC.

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