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Dr. Condi’s Book

Posted by businesswom on October 20, 2010

I am excited to read former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice’s memoir, Extraordinary, Ordinary People.  A book publicized based on its appeal to young adults, I believe it will offer inspiring commentary on the journey of a woman to one of the most prominent leadership roles in this country and her life afterward.  You may say that I’m a fan of hers at times:  I was among those eager to see Condi on NBC4 Washington when Barbara Harrison reported on the SOS’s workout regimen for a week, and I watched her recently on the Today Show.

Sidebar:  I am not the greatest fan of the title, but you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, right?  For some reason, it reminds me of New York Times best selling author Lawrence Otis Graham’s “Our Kind of People.”  A book that provides an inside look at the lives of the black elite in America.  I admit this is unrelated, but the connection crossed my mind.

While it is a challenge to pick up a book entirely about a woman who is of a different political philosophy than I, great lessons can be learned from diverse sources and I cannot wait to get to the bookstore and buy the book.  Because of our anticipated differences – which certainly shape how we interpret our personal experiences and how we view the world – I will be paying careful attention to how Dr. Rice chronicles her past in the segregated South and how she addresses the triumphs and tragedies that she certainly faced as a woman in society destined for great things.  I have heard mixed reviews about the memoir, but I will read it for myself.


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