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Let’s Get Fired Up, Again!

Posted by joyinhome on October 25, 2010

“Yes We Can” and “Si Se Puede” were the battle cries heard across the nation two years ago.

With mid-term elections only eight days away, I have to remind us that women have had significant gains under this administration that can not be ignored. We must get out to vote!

The list below include enormous gains for women and families, including legislation to directly address education, poverty and medical care.

Yes, unemployment is still high; yes, the economy is far from strong; and yes, many people are still hurting… however, we know that true change takes time. With that said, we can not abandon the foundation that is being laid for our children and great, grandchildren to come. Women and families need the type of policies that have been enacted since 2008.

VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2nd! Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your colleagues. It’s critical if you want to see true change in these United States.


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