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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on October 29, 2010

S&P 100: Top jobs still go to white men [Forbes]

 The complicated women, math and science formula: a perspective [Time]

 Gender pay gap takes on added significance in recession [The Hill]

 When stay at home dads return to work [ABC News]

Green garage is female owned and operated [Technorati.com]

Mental health issues different for male and female vets [US News]

Financial dangers women face [MoneyWatch]

Secretary Gates predicts women will serve in Special Forces [Google]

First Lady says military spouses are heroes [AF Military]

NY nannies prepare for historic job protections [WomensENews]

Fewer employees covered by retirement plans [FA-Mag]

Rich mom, poor mom [NYTimes Blog]

Service with a sniffle [HR Online]

Are men facing gender stress also?  Calling Mr. Mom [New York Times]

Breast pumps will not get health care tax break [New York Times]

Huffington Post articles for Work Family Month [Huffington Post]

New law authorizes programs for homeless women vets and children [NCHV]

New SBA rule aims to boost opportunities for women owned businesses [Washington Post]

Navy names first sub assignments for women [American Women Veterans]

Career vs. paycheck: Working mother report [Yahoo]

Valerie Jarrett’s remarks at BPWF Joining Forces for Women Veteran Summit  [White House.gov]  

For military moms there’s extra duty: breast feeding [DailyMe]

US lags behind in maternity leave [NWITimes]

The webcast of the Joining Forces for Women Veterans Inaugural Summit can be viewed online at your convenience.


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