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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on November 5, 2010

Division of opinion on whether women earn equal pay [Financial Channel]

 Recession blamed for historic down turn in law firm diversity [Law]

Can women take men on in demolition and construction?  [CleanTechies.com]

 Women in their 20s closer to equality in the job market [Daily Emerald]

 Corporate diversity still coming up short for women [HR Compliance]

 A high school coach walks all over Title IX.  [Star Tribune]  

Are we there yet? Women still earn less than men [Boston.com]

Society has yet to adjust to women in the workplace [Workday Minnesota]

More small businesses offering health care [Wall Street Jounal]

How women business owners are held back [Business Week]

Women and workplace flexibility: canaries in the coal mine [Glass Hammer]

The new Momism: what women are bring to politics [New York Times]

 Feminists laud Oprah for banning word “bitch” on her new network [Yahoo News]

 Women donors give more and more often [North Jersey]

Latinas becoming small business owners at high rate [Orlando Sentinel]

Affirmative action may be needed for men [Diversity Education]

Should mom get her own man cave? [Denver Post]

Brazil elects first woman president [Forbes]

5 reasons why women’s progress in management has stalled [Psychology Today]

Paycheck Fairness Act:  More than pocket change is at stake [Huffington Post]

Majority of business do not have plan for developing their women employees [tlnt.com]

 Women still lagging at top US companies [Workplacevisions.com]

Why women live longer [Scientific American]

SBA publishes guide for women small owned business program [Bizjournals.com]


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