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Link Love to Women Veterans’ News

Posted by sherrysaunders on November 11, 2010

November 11, is Veterans Day.  More than 1.8 million of those veterans are women.  We not only need to honor, support and thank our women veterans we need to know about them.  Read these recent articles and learn about women veterans and their issues. 

Female veterans face struggle [Veterans Journal]

 Adm. Mullens’ speech in support of women in the military [DOD Live]

 GI Vets and Amvets host fashion show in LA [Los Angeles Times]

 WWII female pilots finally recognized [VOA]

A salute to WWII veterans at the Women’s War Memorial [Examiner]

VA scrambles to serve women vets [NPR]

Women Veterans are honored [Buffalo News]

East TN women veterans’ network reaching out to younger women [wbir.com]

This Veterans Day help our women come home [Womens eNews]

Female soldiers prove they can hold their own [hcnonline]

Women veterans cope with PTSD [Arizona Republic]

Veteran caregivers face greater stress and longer service [Market Watch]

VA Women Veteran’s substance abuse campaign [VA Public Health]


One Response to “Link Love to Women Veterans’ News”

  1. What is being done about Homeless Women Vets, many living out on the streets with children? I tried to track this info. down and hit a brick wall!

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