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Misbehavin’ Notification: Women Veteran’s Bill of Rights Recognizes Unique Needs of Women Veterans

Posted by sherrysaunders on December 3, 2010

BPW Foundation Applauds U. S. House’s Support of Women Veterans

Washington, DC — Business and Professional Women’s (BPW) Foundation applauds the House for its focus on the contributions of veterans, including women veterans.  The House passed this week legislation on Women Veteran’s Rights, H.R. 5953, which will require that the Women Veterans’ Bill of Rights be prominently displayed in each Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) facility and distributed to women veterans.

“The women veterans’ bill of rights is an important step in recognizing that women veterans have specific needs, different from their male counterparts that should be addressed by the VA,” said Deborah Frett, CEO of BPW Foundation.  “Our recent Summit, Joining Forces for Women Veterans, emphasized the unique needs and challenges of women veterans. It also confirmed the need for agencies, employers and service organizations to create partnerships that assist women veterans’ transition from active duty to civilian life,” said Frett.

For more information about the Joining Forces for Women Veterans summit, visit us at Women Joining Forces.


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