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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on December 17, 2010

Green economy needs women leaders [Montgomery News]

Value of Social Security for Women [Physorg.com]

How one VA hospital is gearing up to serve women better [Daily Press]

Sexual assault reports up 64% at military academies [lezgetreal.com]

21 companies with no women in their leadership [Huffington Post]

Women need to be money smart [Forbes Blog]

Women vets sue Pentagon for information on military rape [Courthouse News]

Women more likely to chose mentors in the workplace but less likely to use them [IB Times]

The declining need for men.  Gender and jobs [NY Times Economix]

What Gen Y women want [Christian Science Monitor]

Women more “loyal” to their workplace than men [ILM News]

DOD panel says to let women serve in combat [Airforce Times]

US Failing to meet goals for women’s health [US News]

Increasing women on board of directors British goal [New York Times]


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