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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on December 27, 2010

Women still face pay discrimination and other workplace challenges [The Hill]

High earning women lose more to motherhood [The Atlantic]

The different costs of motherhood [New York Times]

Obama orders new federal breast feeding policy [Washington Post]

Will politics drive good women away? [Minnesota Public Radio]

More working women will breast feed thanks to health care reform [Daily Press]

Pop culture creates new heroines [New York Times]

Path to flexibility is paved with corporate results [Corporate Voices]

Where are the sports fans for women’s sports? [Washington Post]

UConn women now hold record for longest winning streak! [New York Times]

Growing number of women veterans need our help [CT Post]

Go “long on women” for profits says BofA’s Merrill [WNflam.com]

Senate gives up on military women’s access to equal health care [ACLU.org]

Women and rape in the military [Veterans Today]

Women war veterans face higher risk of mental problems during pregnancy [Healthcanal.com]

Business women don’t think they deserve bonuses.  What? [WomensViewsonNews.org]

Top 12 women veteran stories of the year [Huffington Post]

Women seeking truth about military rape statistics [Bloomberg]

Why women’s leadership initiatives fail [Forbes]


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