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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on January 28, 2011

Rebuilding a robust economy with entrepreneurial women [Huffington Post]

Successful work tips for young women professionals [mscareergirl.com]

Poor women have poor health care options [Modesto Bee]

Murray becomes first woman to lead Senate Veterans panel [The Republic]

Women, combat and PTSD [Foreign Policy]

Snow and the working mom [Doublex.com]

The Mancession is over – women now big losers [Slate]

10 most powerful women in history [Listverse.com]

For European women an upgrade problem [New York Times]

Women need sponsors to reach C-Suite [hbr.org]

Budget cuts could hurt child care funds [Womensnews.org]

Moving women to non traditional jobs; codes need to be broken [New York Times]

Highly educated women pay a price for having children [Daily Finance]

Want to earn like a man? Negotiate like him. [Black Enterprise]

What makes a great workplace: hint it has to do with women [Washington Post]

 Women aim lower get paid less [Mainstreet]

Meeting on aid for women farmers [Montgomery Advertiser]

Why women need more role models in the workplace [Trusted.MD]

The service gender gap in higher ed [Inside Higher Ed]

Surgeon General: Breast feeding should be less of a hassle [Huffington Post]

 New data on job gender segregation and pay disparities [remapping debate.org]

 A sunnier Sundance film festival for women this year [NY Times Blogs]


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