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Remembering the Women During Black History Month

Posted by sherrysaunders on February 4, 2011

Harriet Tubman

In honor of this year’s African American History Month, our friends at The National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) have released a short mini-documentary that explores the presence of African American women in the Civil War and their diverse contributions to the war effort.

The video features an in-depth look at Civil War spy and nurse, Harriet Tubman, who during the Civil War served the Union as a scout, spy and nurse. Nicknamed, “The Moses of Her People,” Tubman was a run-away slave from a plantation in coastal Maryland, and one of the most famous “conductors” of the Underground Railroad. She made at least nineteen dangerous trips from Pennsylvania back into slave states, where she liberated as many as 300 people. Civil War spy, Mary Bowser, of Richmond, Virginia, who worked as a spy in the home of Confederate president, Jefferson Davis, is also explored.

In addition to their participation on the Civil War battlefields as nurses and spies, Black women also played a more subtle, but poignant and powerful role in resistance during both slavery and the Civil War. Through the tradition of quilting, African American women throughout slavery, the Civil War and beyond have given voice to their stories, educated the next generations and celebrated their history. To illustrate, the video explores the famous Bible and Pictorial quilts by artist and quilt maker Harriet Powers, who is acclaimed for her bold quilting techniques and storytelling.

NWHM hopes that this video will serve as encouragement for everyone to explore the rich and vibrant experiences of African American women and carry their stories as inspiration throughout the year. Click here to view the video.


3 Responses to “Remembering the Women During Black History Month”

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