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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on February 25, 2011

Woman by woman the VA is changing its culture [Salt Lake Tribune]

Homeless women veterans: Americans latest war casualties [Suite101.com]

Microfinance programs for American women [Huffington Post]

Women want jobs based on their merit [Forbes]

The political attack on working women and families [Huffington Post]

Must women entrepreneurs learn to “bluster”? [BusinessWeek]

Female vets have harder time finding jobs [KAIT 8]

Soldier Mom deploys for 4th time [Army Times]

Unemployment challenging gender roles [Chicago Tribune]

Study of working moms nauseates [Boston Herald]

America last among peers with no paid federal maternity leave [Bloomberg]

Flawed study on women and science careers gets wide media attention [Womens eNews]

Finding homes for women vets and their children [Huffington Post]

Women who out earn their husbands [Slate]

For female reporters a war on many fronts [NPR]

Female owned business responsible for job creation in US [PRLog]

The state of women leadership around the world [Forbes]

Veterans and advocates condemn military’s failure to stop rapes [NewsChange]

How the green economy can help low income women [States News]  

Men bounce back faster after recession’s uneven blows [BND]

Pentagon now supports bill to protect troops’ child custody rights [Stripes]

NPR Series the Changing Role of Women in the Military:
Part I The roles of women in the military and combat [NPR]
Part II First female Silver Star award winner since WWII, a reluctant hero[NPR]
Part III Ret. Brig. Gen. Wilma Vaught remembers her “different” military days [NPR
Part IV A soldier’s life for mother and daughter [NPR]
Part V – In the Army it is lonely at the top for women [NPR]


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