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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on March 4, 2011

Cigna sued for gender discrimination [Boston.com]

DOL settles gender discrimination suit in favor of the 970 female applicants [Judicial View]

Homeless female vets need advocates and legislation [Smithsophian]

USA Today editorial: Pentagon fails in its handling of rape cases [USA Today]

The encouragement deficit at major magazines: a shortage of female bylines [Doublex.com]

For women age often brings isolation [NY Times Blog]

Big news this week was the release by the White House of its report “Women in America, Indicators of  Social and Economic Well-Being” [Wall Street Journal]  

Gail Collins on White House Report on Women, boys and girls and history [New York Times]

VA boosts health care for women [USA Today]

Rise of women in company top ranks of plateaus [Wall Street Jounal]

Women in technology: a different way of looking at problems? [NewsWise]

Supporting homeless vet moms [NJ.Com]

Gender wage differences — functional or sexist? [Forbes]

How she does it: GM’s Diana Tremblay [Wall Street Journal]

Keeping business traveling women safe through social networking [NY Times]

Women in combat –WJF Advisory Council Member, Dr. Betty Moseley Brown is quoted in this piece [KUAR]

Congress should focus on jobs not denying women health care. [Star Advertiser]

The attack on women dominated workplaces [More]

New York Times Editorial: The war on women [NY Times]

USDA offers deal to women and Hispanic farmers [Idaho Statesman]

The “life” part of balance can be just as stressful as the “work” part [Psychology Today]

Does female success require sacrifice? [HBR]

Lack of paid leave hurts US children [CustomFitWorkPlace]

Women in the board room [NY Times]


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