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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on March 11, 2011

Why don’t we have more women engineers? [IBTimes]

The trouble with bright girls [HuffingtonPost]

How do women define success?  [GlassHammer]

Education and women in the labor market [NYTimes Blog]

Women lead in unpaid work – no surprises here [NYTimes Blog]

Maternity leave policies provide challenges to new moms [Uticado]

Why women feel more guilt about taking home work [Healthland.Time]

Male CEOs with daughters treat women better [Wall Street Journal]

Women serving in combat? It has been true for years [Courant]

Surprising insights from the White House report on women and girls [Forbes]

Congresswoman introduces legislation to speed passage of ERA [WisPolitics]

It is women’s history month: what’s left to fight for? Plenty [ChicagoNow]

11 named to Women’s Hall of Fame [NorthJersey]

Report says too many white men leading military [AP]

International women’s day: the good, bad and really ugly news [Forbes]

With attacks on public employees, prepare for a “womencession” [NPR]

 His recession becomes hers [NYTimesBlog}

Chipping away at IT’s glass ceiling [CNBC]

Women entrepreneurs define success in new way [FinancialPost]

20 surprising jobs women are taking over [Forbes]

VA expands care for women [Battle Creek Enquirer]

Transition to civilian life hard for homeless women veterans [Sacramento Bee]

Ending prohibition of women in combat [ABC News]

Mother and daughter who served in Iraq together honored [CBS Boston]

Female GIs struggle with higher rate of divorce [AP]

Women held back by lack of international experience [Business Journals]

Feminisms success don’t mean the job is done [National Post]

White House signs memorandum to extend research on women [Politico]

Status of women measured by White House: what’s next? [The Atlantic]

The world’s richest women [Forbes]


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