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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on March 18, 2011

VeteransToday features the release of BPW Foundation’s “Joining forces for Women Veterans Summary Report” [VeteransToday]

Why qualified women don’t make to the corner office [Vault.com]

Women changing face of VA and military [NC Times]

Access to paid sick days can depend on gender and race [Business News Daily]

VA honors women during Women’s History Month [The Leaf Chronicle]

On college campuses a gender gap in student government [Washington Post]

7 in 10 Americans favor allowing women in ground combat [Washington Post]

Do women need to act like men on Wall Street? [Forbes]

The top 50 companies for women in 2011 [Forbes]

Woman wins Myrtle Beach marathon. She is #1 not first woman.  [Huffington Post]

Obama calls for passage of Workplace Fairness Act for Women [ASTD.org]

The 15 jobs where women earn more than men [Forbes]

Why women leave engineering [Study of Work]

More on new study: gender equality based or women’s choices [Forbes]

Education, women and the labor market [NYTimes]

First VFW post begun by women gets underway in NY [Wall Street Journal]


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