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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on March 28, 2011

The victories and challenges for women in the workplace [TLNT]

Military researches better body armor for women [Findarticles.com]

Women bear brunt of union busting [Politico]

For all of our working moms: Working parents too stressed for sex, the gym or friends [BizJournals]

Knowledge of women’s roles can help women vets [MuskogeenPhoenix]

American Legion releases results of their health survey  [Stripes]

How women became citizens [Huffington Post]

Overcoming the cupcake challenge and “Mompreneur” label [Forbes]

Women lag behind men in economic recovery [ABC News]

Gender discrimination suit filed against Bayer.  [WSAU]

Women Veterans and Women’s History Month [Times News]

Did military service make them ill? [Times Union]

Why women rule the Internet [TechCrunch]

College gender bias put aside [New York Times]

Successes and drawbacks for MIT female professors [New York Times]

DOL Sec. Solis: What Triangle fire means to workers now [Washington Post]

Women work to gain larger foothold in tech industry [CNN]

Women in the workplace: Still a long way to go [HROnLine]

Woman golfer wins discrimination suit [AllVoices]

Women at war: Soldier tells her story [MPNNow]

 Inspiring girls to reach for the stars.  [WH Blog]

The “Mommy Wars”: two views
[Wall Street Jounal]


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