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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on April 1, 2011

Why are there so few women on the boards of world’s largest companies? [Forbes]

Women military trailblazers – Waves made big waves for today’s Navy [Sun Times]

Risky business: why women earn less than men [Psychology Today]

Women’s History Month inadequate but useful as educational tool [Star Advertiser]

Is pay gap perception as powerful as pay gap reality? [MomsRising]

Yale is subject of Title IX investigation [New York Times]

Wal-Mart case highlights status of women in the workplace [Christian Science Monitor]

Justices skeptical on Wal-Mart class action.  [CBS News]

Survey: Work/balance off kilter in US [WeKnowNext]

Murkowski, McCaskill team up on bill to assist military victims of sexual trauma [The Arctic Sounder]

Do working moms spend less time with the kids? No they just sleep less [Calgary Herald]

Mommy track without shame [Wall Street Journal.com]

Who stays home with sick kid – mom or dad? [Boston.com]

The declining demand for jobs traditionally held by men [Forbes]

Can home-based entrepreneurs be stay-at-home-parents too? [Wall Street Journal.com]

Geraldine Ferraro dies. Inspired a generation of women [Christian Science Monitor]

Dilbert creator knocks women for asking for equal pay [ComicsAlliance]

Women and the art of self marketing [Forbes]

Honor women’s successes but recognize challenges ahead [MPNNow]

VA seeks to address struggling women veterans by Tammy Duckworth [Sun Sentinel]


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