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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on April 15, 2011

 Good time for young women to be come entrepreneurs [Forbes Blog]

Making Tech a safe place for women [IT Jobs]

Women engineering grads at 15 year low [IT Jobs]

NY Times Editorial: The reality of women at war [New York Times]

BPW Foundation attends White House Militatry Families and Veterans Joining Forces launch [Veterans Today]

NY Times editorial says Supreme Court should not dismiss Wal-Mart suit [New York Times]

Five myths about the pay gap [San Francisco Sentinel]

Women and Black workers hit hardest by attacks on unions [Today’s Workplace]

McKinsey report: Unlocking the full potential of women in the workplace [McKinsey]

Equal Pay Day: Step Up or Step Out of the Way [Huffington Post]

Lawmakers introduce bill to close gender pay gap [The Hill]

WH Blog: Why young Americans should care about equal pay [White House Blog]

Fix the wage gap: negotiate [Forbes Blog]

Negotiation and the glass ceiling [Harvard Law School]

Women electricians burn out on male dominance [Womens eNews]

Military spouses have difficulty with employment [Huffington Post]

Woman wins discrimination/retaliation suit against Xerox [AOL]

The struggle of female veterans to transition into civilian jobs [Forbes Blog]

Where are senior level women? A discussion of a corporate pipeline that is leaky and blocked [Wall Street Journal]

Harvard and Yale feeling heat over treatment of women [Enterprise News]

Giving women veterans a chance to share their pain [Los Angeles Times]

Can a white man speak with authority on diversity? [Diversity Inc]

Getting to the top as a working mother [Wall Street Journal]

Why are we denying welfare moms access to education? [Dana Goldstein]

Guards block female reporter from locker room interview at Masters [New York Times]


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