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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on April 22, 2011

Gen Y: Last Year’s Slacker This Year’s Slow Starter [Huffington Post]

Woman Apache pilot makes her mark [MSNBC]

More female MBAs but little gain in equal pay [Fortune]

Nursing moms seen as less competent [Wall Street Jounal Blog]

The best paying jobs for women in 2011 [Forbes]

10 worst industries for women [Vault.com]

Flexible jobs = happy workers [Fortune]

NY Times Editorial: Unequal pay isn’t fair [New York Times]

Male investor admits he has problems with women entrepreneurs having children [Business Insider]

Women engineers put the buzz in the Volt [Women’s eNews]

Women’s gains during recession should make them even more powerful during recovery [Forbes]

Where are the women in politics? [Elle]

Mothers with first born girls work more [Wall Street Jounal Blog]

Why men are paid more than women: Because they are more competitive at age 4  [Daily Mail]

Men see black and white, women see shades of gray [RedOrbit]

When it comes to business it is more of a woman’s world [MPN Now]

First Lady  says military members and spouses need jobs [Business Week]

Laid off women reinvent themselves [Florida Today]

Budget battle wounds women; wage gap remains [Women’s eNews]

Do women feel more guilt than men? [Wall Street Jounal Blog]

New book: Band of Sisters: American Women at War in Iraq [Huffington Post]

Woman marathoner Waitz dies [New York Times]


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