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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on April 30, 2011

50 fastest growing women led companies [Wall Street Journal]

Female doctors face $2.3 million wage gap [Forbes]

Recession seeing taking toll on gender equity [New York Times]

Are today’s women drowning in generational anxiety? [Forbes]

Women of color make their mark in IT [Diversity Careers]

Are women safer in the workplace? [Fins.com]

The economics of women in the workplace: more on McKinsey study [Economy Watch]

Women entrepreneurs now own 7.8 million businesses in US. 20.1 percent increase since 2001 [MarketWire]

Hope for women in non traditional jobs [On The Issues]

Few American’s familiar with Title IX but approve of it [New York Times]

Senator West explains women’s “place” for a successful society [ColorLines]

Female focus needed in financial sector [IBTimes.com]

Women pass men in attaining advanced degrees [Wall Street Jounal]

College teams rely on deception and undermine gender equity and Title IX [GroupState.com]

Women still far behind in retirement plans [MainStreet.com]

Women in technology face an uphill battle [Inc]

Iron Ladies- why women leaders aren’t peaceniks [Foreign Policy]

Female soldiers say they are up for battle [USA Today]

Interview w/ Dr Patricia Galloway: CEO/Pegasus Global Holdings & 1st Woman President of Amer. Soc. of Civil Engineering [The Daily Femme]

Women do it better (biz that is) [Jump Start]

Spotlight on better uniforms for Army women [Army Times]

VFW starts to cater to women vets [USA Today]

Air Force still holds back women leaders [Air Force Times]

Even female studio execs see women directors as risk [LA Times]

Angel investors aid female CEOs [Telegram]

Why the lack of women statues honoring women? [Washington Post]


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