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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on May 13, 2011

5 Tips for Developing Gen Y Women [GlassHammer]

What Gen Y Women Want: Autonomy and Self-Direction   [SHRM]

Women at risk: status of our health care system [Empower Her]

Health care law will insure almost all uninsured women by 1214 [Eureka Alert]

NY Times editorial: House attacks women’s rights [New York Times]

Female college grads earn 17% less than male counter parts [NACE]

EEOC targets gender wage gap [AZ Central]

Gender pay gap narrower in federal government than private sector [Washington Post]

Some insights on how women owned businesses operate differently  [Miami Herald]

How to make workplace flexibility not just about women [Forbes]

Married women get more leisure time (we are talking 33 minutes here) [HBR]

Women trail men in new job gains [Wall Street Journal]

Editorial: Women pulling ahead while still falling behind [South Coast Today]

Engineering gender parity [PW Magazine]

Why women have the upper hand in the workplace [Career Builder]

Women face obstacles to secure retirement [CNBC]

How female influencers communicate on line [eMarketer]

The long arm of Title IX beyond sports: sexual harassment too [Post Gazette]

Share of married couple families with employed mother at lowest since 1994 [HR Compliance]

Single working moms earn less [HR Compliance]

Unemployed Mother’s Day [NY Times]

Moms are business owners too [USA Today]

Momprenuers shine and big business takes note [Forbes]

Movement to keep moms working is reshaping workplace [Washington Post]

Working mom survey – what do they want? [Reuters]

Breastfeeding bias [HR Online]

Make Your Mother Proud [Huffington Post]

Amazing military moms [Washington Post]

VA preparing itself for new services for women vets [Fayetteville Observer]

Some history, making WAVES during WWII [Reformer]

First nurse and woman nominated as Army Surgeon General [Government Executive]


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