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Gen Y Women: Do You Work for an Ageist?

Posted by knbarrett on May 19, 2011

“You’re the author of the report? I assumed that you were a 40 year-old woman, not a 20-something.” For months I had been communicating with the client online. For months I had been evaluated based on the quality of my work. It never occurred that me that my work might be questioned because of my age. Instead of finalizing the report, we spent that first face-to-face meeting discussing my relative youthfulness.

Working and interacting with clients online has, on many occasions, provided me with a Blind Audition (yes, I admit I watch The Voice). As a face-less researcher, clients are far less likely to project their ideas about the characteristics and capabilities of a 20-something woman on my work. Like the contestants on The Voice, I want to be judged  on my delivery not on whether or not I’m the “full package” like on American Idol (yes, I admit I watch that too).

What about you? How has your age shaped the way you are perceived at work? If you are a Gen Y woman (born 1978-1994), BPW Foundation wants to better understand your perspectives on intergenerational workplace dynamics.

  • To what extent is generational conflict a problem facing today’s workplace?
  • Have you ever experienced generational discrimination or conflict at work?
  • What can employers do to improve inter-generational workplace dynamics?

Please share your thoughts and experiences by taking our online survey. The survey will remain open until Tuesday, May 31st at midnight. Don’t miss the chance to let your voice be heard!


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