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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on May 27, 2011

Work is essential for Gen Y women to be happy [Examiner]

Thelma and Louise turn 20 – what now? [NPR]

House refuses to vote on abortion coverage for military victims of rape [Huffington Post]

Women making gains as law school deans [National Law Journal]

Issues of equitable pay and promotion for women remain in federal government despite some improvements [Washington Post]

PTSD runs high in women vets and needs attention [OregonLive]

Viet Nam nurses, the forgotten women veterans [CBSNews]

Major conference for Trades Women held in CA [Women’s eNews]

Fortune Magazine honors most powerful women [MediaBistro]

Groups with women are smarter [HBR]

See above as to why there need to be women in the budget/deficit talks.  [Roll Call]

Badminton dress code called sexist [New York Times]

Making the budget a women’s issue [Jezebel.com]

Negotiating pay at the beginning key to future pay rates [New York Times]

Millennials value parenthood more than marriage [Docuticker.com]

Employers see benefits of flexibility [MarktWatch]

Women contributed much during WWII [Herald-Dispatch]

Woman in race for top IMF job [Washington Post]

Tips for women seeking green jobs [GreenBiz.com]

Women think men are better at getting promotions [Women in Technology]

Rep Maloney to make major ERA push [NY Daily News]

Women at IMF find themselves vulnerable [New York Times]

18-34 yr old women vets = triple the rate of suicide, trend is to use gun [Nursing]

MD Senator Mikulski on the warpath: Need more women in Congress [Baltimore Sun]

Mentoring and Networking are the two essentials to women’s success [SDDT]


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