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News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by sherrysaunders on June 10, 2011

The feminine effect on presidential politics [NPR]

The key to BofA’s success; more women at the top [Forbes]

Why don’t more women work in tec? [Management Today]

Men and women after same degrees but with different goals [Chronicle]

Wells Fargo settles gender bias suit for $32 million [Lawyers and Settlements]

Being pregnant should not mean you can’t get a home loan [News Times]

Woman NY Times editor decades in the making [Women’s Media Center]

Why powerful women leaders are threatening [Business Insider]

Female soldiers as mentally resilient as men [Reuters]

Are women vets having a harder time finding employment? [Veterans Today]

Man walking across country wants to draw attention to gender bias [The News Tribune]

The “terrible truth” about women on corporate boards [Forbes]

Report reveals sexual assaults at VA facilities [USA Today]

7 secrets to successful negations for women [Diversity Inc]

CT service workers first with paid sick days [New York Times]

Girls run the world – Gen Y women in the workplace [Bloggingwhileblue]

Unsung female freedom riders [Washington Post]

First woman to head military academy at Coast Guard Academy [Boston.com]

5 Myths about women in combat [Times Dispatch]

Underpaid female graduates deserve better [Times Union]

Too few women sit on corporate boards [Courant]

Moving young women into politics [Huffington Post]

Women in science: a discussion among women at the top of their field [New York Times]

With more single fathers, a changing family picture [New York Times]

KPMG sued for gender discrimination [Accounting Today]

PTSD study points to need for more women’s specialties at VA facilities [Technorati]



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