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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on July 1, 2011

The business case for investing in women [Bizjounal]

Bright girls, smart women are often their own worst enemy [Business Financial Post]

Subtle gender stereotyping through story telling [Deloitte.com]

Christine Legarde new IMF head [NPR]

Why women are better investors [MarketWatch]

and Why women are better at everything [HealthLand Times]

Working women key to Norway’s prosperity [New York Times]

Survey shows women business owners meeting expectations but holding off on hiring [BizJounals]

BPW/TN’s efforts to introduce girls to non traditional green jobs [Jackson Sun]

Why women have and advantage in technology [New York Times]

Philly Mayor vetoes paid sick leave legislation [AFL-CIO Blog]

How flexibility can boost employee productivity [Forbes]

Flexibility is key to women in the workforce [PsychCentral]

Can Service workers have work-life flexibility? [FastCompany]

Women nudged out of German workforce [New York Times]

Suit alleges that KPMG “Mommy Tracked” women [Wall Street Journal]

Taking a look at new motherhood penalty [Forbes]

Heading back to work – employers are finding re-entering parents are great employees [Boston.com]

What do working moms want? What everyone else does [BNET]

Paternity leave is the new maternity leave [Quickbase]

Wharton admits most women ever – 45% [Poets and Quants]

Life expectancy of US women trails international numbers [Forbes]

How much do men and women work. A comparison [The Atlantic]

Women more likely to suffer from financial anxiety during recession [Huffington Post]

US Women’s soccer teams wins first round [Washington Post]

Female Muslim weight lifter faces clothing issues [MSNBC]

DOD launches military spouse employment partnership [DOD]

Female vets struggle with homelessness [KHOU]

Black women vets on front line of war at home [TheGrio.com]

Senate Judiciary Committee to look at Wal-Mart decision [Legal Times]

Wal-Mart decision highlights need for passage of equal pay legislation [Miami Herald]

Wal-Mart decision set back for equal pay [Taunton Gazette]

Report: Spending cap may endanger Social Security [EPI]


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