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Joining Forces: Women Veterans Speak Out – No One Told Me

Posted by danielleac on July 4, 2011

Read the latest installment of our every-other-week Joining Forces feature that brings us the voices of women veterans telling their stories.  If you are a women veteran who would like to share your story, please contact us through our Joining Forces for Women Veterans Facebook page, or email dcorazza@bpwfoundation.org.

No One Told Me
by Ginger Miller

I joined the Navy to get the GI Bill to go to college….mission accomplished…well almost. The GI Bill seemed like a sure fire way to get ahead of the game, after being discharged out of the Navy. Yeah that’s right, get out, go to college, and then get a good job. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy!

No one told me about the years of backlog with filing claims at the VA Regional Office, and no one told me that my husband, who was my knight in shining armor, would come back from war a changed man suffering from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

No one told me that there was a strong possibility that I, an honorably discharged disabled female veteran, could become homeless, and that I would have to work three jobs, go to school full-time, take care of my  husband with PTSD, and my 3 year old son, all while living in sub-standard housing conditions.

No one told me during the three-day transition course provided exiting military members that I really wasn’t prepared for the real world and that, there was a strong possibility that my life would be turned upside down for years to come.

No one told me that I would cry out to God after 20 years of marriage, wanting to know if my marriage was a blessing or a curse.

No one told me that God would light a fire up under me to start a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless and at risk veterans.

No one told me that through my efforts to reach out and help other veterans that my healing process would begin.

No one told me that I would reach the lives of so many veterans in need.

No one told me that through my advocating efforts that I would be appointed to the Maryland Caregivers Support Coordinating Council and the Maryland Commission for Women.

No one told me that one day I would be standing next to some of our country’s greatest senators at a senate press conference, advocating to save the HUD VASH Voucher program.

No one told me that I would one day pursue a master’s degree in non-profit management.

No one told me that the little boy who was once homeless with his parents, both disabled veterans, would grow up to be accepted into the University of Maryland at College Park, with aspirations of becoming an anesthesiologist.

No one told me, but now I know, I will stand on the rooftop and tell every veteran, male or female, that there is help available.

I will tell them about the resources to help them make a smooth transition from active duty to civilian status.

I will tell them that there is hope, because I made it and they can too.

I am Ginger Miller, Disabled Veteran-Wife-Mother-Caregiver-Advocate-Commissioner and President  & CEO of John 14:2, Inc and I am on a mission to help my brother and sister veterans so that they will never have to say, “No one told me.”


3 Responses to “Joining Forces: Women Veterans Speak Out – No One Told Me”

  1. it is bery good tp learn more about women forces

  2. Regina Powell - Veterans Day Should Be Everyday in Prince George's County." said

    I Agree, No One Tells You that you have to continue to fight for what you have served for; your benefits. Everyone tells you that Prince George’s County Has the Largest Population of Veterans In The County, Where are the Services, What has the Commission accomplished that has benefited the Veterans and Their Families in the County as a Commission. Why is there no housing, One Veteran Service Officer in Camp Springs, that is only there two-three days a week, for the largest population of Veterans, The County Executive, The Clerk of the Court, the Chairwoman of the Council and many more that have served our Country, and have left many Veterans Left Behind with Promises, Oneday Homeless and Veteran Stand Downs are not enough, what about the cold days ahead.
    The District of Columbia housing many of our Prince George’s County Veterans, The Cheapeake House; Why should our Solders and Veterans depend on the District of Columbia, LT Governor, you served and you have put you blinders on, to let the truth be told….Prince George’s County, Governor, Secretary of Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs and Deputy, Become Responsible and Accountable, One Day is Not Enough to Serve the Many Men and Women that have served us. More Accountability in Prince George’s County, where are the Funds that are alloted for Veterans, what is being done to enhance the quality of life for our 77,000+ Veterans in Prince George’s County. Veterans you need to take a stand, stop excepting “Prince George’s County Has The Largest Population of Veterans – That are not Being Served in the County”.

  3. […] Joining forces: Women Veterans Speak Out – No One Told Me, July 4, 2011 […]

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