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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on July 8, 2011

Studies find Title X critical to women’s health [Ms Magazine]

Gen Y women debunks Millennial myths [PRDaily]

Recovery is by-passing women [Wall Street Journal]

Pew study shows women not benefiting from economy recovery [PewSocialTrends]

Levo League wants to help Gen Y women through on-line mentoring and job help [Forbes]

Sobering UN report on lack of gender equity world-wide [New York Times]

Head of a New Zealand trade group finally fired for statement that women earn less because of “monthly” health problems [MSNBC]

More women are working in non-traditional jobs [AJC.com]

Workplace sexual discrimination is a reality [New Haven Register]

Wal-Mart women pave the way for pay equity [Womens e-News]

CT governor signs paid sick leave law – first state [New York Times]

Paid sick leave – a stand off in Philly [Labor Notes]

Changing families, changing workplace needs [The Glass Hammer]

Can Sheryl Sandberg help women lead in social media? [New Yorker]

Cracks in the Silicon Valley glass ceiling? [Wall Street Journal]

Study to test Glass Ceiling issues [Physorg.com]

Women small business owners more confident about future [SmallBizTrends]

Why there is no better time to be a woman entrepreneur [indeonline]

New federal set asides for women small business owners [Post Gazette]

What is needed for women’s career equality? [CS Monitor]

Woman solves shirt “gap” problem and starts a new company [New York Times]

Mentoring women veterans – a unique approach [Community.ere]

Military spouses at home [Washington Post]

Female special operators now in combat [Military.com]

VA wants women’s input on services [Air Force Times]

National Center on Family Homelessness seeking input from women veterans [NCHV]

Documentary about “Rosie the Riveters” [Daily Mail]


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