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Women’s News to Chew On: Link Love for Lunch

Posted by YWM on July 22, 2011

Men are unhappy, too.  Good news for women and workplace policy?  [Open Salon]

Can women create a “new business culture?”  Might be the time. [Examiner]

Mentoring women, focus on women and girls during NASA’s IT Summit.  First African American women military pilot featured. [PRNewswire]

Women often need sponsors/mentors to advance to top jobs in finance [CFO]

Why women should have career mentors [Forbes]

Why are women missing from action in science and technology? [MetroUs]

New Milk Campaign that makes fun of PMS and effects on men shut down early [New York Times]

The 2012 Project: Electing more women [Women’s Issues]

Politics has women fed up survey finds [Star Tribune]

Would female leaders solve the debt crisis better? [CNN]

NIH panel recommends no co pay for wide range of women’s health services including birth control [Herald Extra]

Marketers take aim at moms with smart phones [Washington Post]

Title IX may be a road block for pay-for-play [ESPN]

At 2 year colleges less scrutiny means less athletic equality [New York Times]

Ledbetter and Hallman op ed: women must continue fight for equal pay [Madison.com]

Women’s groups call on leaders to protect women in budget debate [Daily Caller]

Sidestepping the motherhood penalty [BlogHer]

1 in 4 Americans provide unpaid care for an adult. Toll is huge on caregiver and family [NPR]

BLS – Highlights of women’s earnings in 2010 [FullTextReports]

World Cup final breaks twitter record [WebProNews]

Women’s soccer was a TV must see [New York Times]

Journal showcases VA’s research on women veterans’ healthcare [TMCNET]

Female veteran entrepreneur uses military skills to benefit small business owners.  [Connections Newspapers]

Michelle Obama to participate in Extreme Makeover of home for women veterans [Boston Herald]

Navy women see a slow but steady rise in rank [Stripes]

VA launches child care pilot [Bradenton]

LA’s homeless Private Benjamin [CityWatchLA]

WH Blog on VA’s support for women veterans [White House]

Women lawyers walk work-life balance tightrope [Wisconsin Bar]

USDA attempting to right past wrongs against women and minority farmers [DemingHeadLight]


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